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Unpacking seems at times to be the easiest part of any Austin move, however you might find this to be more than you bargained for when the boxes are opened and your possessions start coming out.

Space and storage to put things is a big issue and if you've had the chance to list where you want your items to be set up you will be one step ahead.

It is good to know that after the stress of packing and long-distance moving you can actually start unpacking the minute one box is unloaded, but make sure to go slow and get everything put away where and how you want it, otherwise you will be at it for days, even weeks.

A smart decision is to wait until everything has been unloaded from your moving truck, as you will want to supervise the move and make sure your belongings are still intact and nothing has been left behind on the truck awaiting your discovery hours or days later.

A good place to begin unpacking first is the kitchen. While you might be tempted to get bedrooms in order at the beginning the kitchen is where you and your family will spend most of your time and meals and drinks will be needed quite a lot when you are in the process of a move.

After you have unpacked the kitchen in your new Austin home you should move on to the bedrooms. You may have already started and since the beds are easy to set up and make you will want to go about organizing your things. Clothes, personal items and toiletries will be quickly put away and allow you time to help your children with their rooms.

When you are moving with children a good idea is to have the television and any video game systems at the ready. Children can have a difficult time with moves and the stress and physical demands from moving can cause a lot of strife. Having things around that can keep them busy and not focused on the low points of moving will help to keep everything calm.

As you begin to unpack in this order things will start to fall in to place and the move that seemed so hard to arrange will start to slowly be over and you can get used to the comfortable confines of your new home.

Remember to always take you time and keep your head clear. When you are unpacking, if you start to feel a bit overwhelmed, take a break. Go outside and get some air, focus on other things and don't let the task at hand become too daunting and consuming.

Soon enough everything will be set up and you can start to hang your mirrors and pictures and your Austin home will be ready for the years of care you plan to give it.

Make sure to take some time to explore your new neighborhood and get out there and meet your new neighbors who are most likely very curious and excited to meet you!

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